Young Moon Over Atlantis - Inspired by the art of Joe Velez

from by Shayfer James



Joe Velez:

"March of Crows" is an interdisciplinary collaborative project devised by singer-songwriter Shayfer James. The first "March Of Crows" is collaboration between Shayfer, 16 visual artists, 3 Poets, a director, a Choreographer a lighting designer, and videographer. All based out of Jersey City.

The process begins with visual art. Shayfer has written 16 songs using the work of local artists as prompt. The task was to not only communicate the art through words, but also by incorporating different styles and textures to capture the life of the work.


I’ve heard it told
The gods take those they favor most
Before the day gets dark
Before the storm erodes
A hurt-less heart

Your legs are tired, the water is cold
You are treading slow, but not alone
There's a young moon over Atlantis
Come home, Come home
Come home, Come home

I’ve heard it told
That there is glory for the ghosts
Who gather early
Before the tragedy
I know you’re weak
And ready for a steady sleep
Without that heavy stone
without that heavy stone

You shall be released
You shall be released
There’s a young moon over Atlantis
Come home, come home


from March of Crows: Jersey City, released April 6, 2016
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Shayfer James



all rights reserved