Happy There Were Horses - Inspired by the art of Eric Indin

from by Shayfer James



"March of Crows" is an interdisciplinary collaborative project devised by singer-songwriter Shayfer James. The first "March Of Crows" is collaboration between Shayfer, 16 visual artists, 3 Poets, a director, a Choreographer a lighting designer, and videographer. All based out of Jersey City.

The process begins with visual art. Shayfer has written 16 songs using the work of local artists as prompt. The task was to not only communicate the art through words, but also by incorporating different styles and textures to capture the life of the work.


I fell in love at parade
On the day of devastation
With a gal who said I’d answer
For my choices
When she was a little girl
Her father read her Revelations
And she told him she was happy
There'd be horses

Red was for the flowers she received
White was for the dress she’d never buy
Black was for the lies that she believed
And grey was how she liked her evening sky

The pavement cracked and all around us
People screamed and buildings crumbled
We saw airplanes and birds
Come tumbling from above
I could hear my heartbeat loud
Above the sirens and the thunder

And she said
“Isn’t this the perfect day for love?”
We drew each other chalk outlines
She believed and I pretended
That seven mighty horns would
echo through the air
We fell asleep beside a statue
Of the world before it ended
And I woke beside the smile
Of her despair

She was happy there were horses
She was happy there were horses


from March of Crows: Jersey City, released April 6, 2016
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Shayfer James



all rights reserved